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Get ready to have fun learning Kung Fu Broad Sword strikes, blocks, combinations and a form from the Hyper Kung Fu Athletes. In addition students will also learn about the history of Kung Fu and this ancient weapon. You don't want to miss this 5 day training camp, July 6th - 10th!




Known as the “General of all weapons,” the Broad Sword was a common military arm in ancient times because it was relatively easy to learn and wield proficiently. In application the Broad Sword should attack ferociously like a wild mountain tiger. It’s techniques are circular and aggressive with a high emphasis placed on developing a sense of rhythm and timing. The Broad Sword is included with the Staff, Spear and Straight Sword as one of the four primary weapons of Northern Kung Fu styles.



Package 1 - Camp, Kung Fu Athlete Shirt, Broadsword, Poster $225

Package 2 - Camp, Kung Fu Athlete Shirt, Broadsword, Poster, DVD $240



  • What are the hours of the camp?

    • Camp drop off begins at 8:00 am with the camp lasting from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

  • Are meals provided?

    • Lunch is provided for all registered campers.

    • Students are encouraged to bring their own snacks for break time.

  • What type of activities will the students be doing during the camp?

    • In addition to their martial arts training, our camp attendees will have team battles, kick challenges, creativity time for art projects, learn about the history of Kung Fu and a ton more. To get a better idea of the full schedule, stop by the front office and request to see our full camp schedule!

  • Is there any special event on the last day of camp?

    • On Friday July 10th from 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm we will host the Kung Fu Athlete Games, which include Kicks Challenge, Team Weapons Battle and a Tricks Battle. We will also take camp photos and hand out certificates to each of the camp attendees!



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