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Jonathan Ott is a Martial Artist and

Teacher of Wushu and Shaolin Kung Fu at South Coast Martial Arts.


Jonathan Ott was first inspired to join martial arts upon watching his friends train, impressed by their skillset, Jonathan enrolled as a full time student at South Coast Martial Arts where he recieved instruction in the art of Wushu and Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu. Today he shares his love for the arts through teaching and live performances; his specialties include traditional Shaolin Luohan Quan, Southern Style Boxing and Da Dao.


Personal Martial Arts Achievements


2012 Kung Fu Magazine Championship: Advanced Northern Kung Fu - Gold Medal

2011 Walking Tall Open: Nan Quan and Northern Kung Fu - Gold Medal

Member of the International Martial Arts Team Kung Fu Heroes

Proficient in Nan Quan, Staff, Broadsword, Da Dao etc.


Teaching Achievements within Martial Arts

Beginning and Intermediate Level Instructor of Wushu at South Coast Martial Arts

A.C.E. approved "Kung Fu Heroes" after school program coach

2014 Teacher Interview

1. How did you first start practicing Wushu?  

My friends had been practicing for awhile and I watched them practice a couple of times, then I asked if I could join one time. That's how I came across wushu. 


2. If you did not start practicing Wushu do you think you would of found another sport?

I can't really say, since things have already happened, but I may have picked up Basketball. I had little bit of interest when I was younger and played on teams for 2 years. 


3. What challenges have you come across and how have you overcome them?

I was a bit asocial when I was young and had problems talking with people. Many of my friends and my Dad helped overcome that by just trying to get me to talk. Also I was a lazy with a very imaginative mind, so I needed an outlet. Martial arts helped with that. 


4. Is there anyone or anything that inspires you to continue in your martial arts career?

My instructor, friends and people I see in tournaments.


5. Do you have a belief code that you live by? 

 "To be a man, you must be more than a man." Meaning to push past the limits you once had and not be satisfied with a plateau one has achieved. 


6. What are your future aspirations?

To grow as a human being. But things may come that are greater than my own aspirations.


7. What is your favorite move or style of martial arts?

A flying sidekick.


8. What is the most challenging part of martial arts for you? Does it still challenge you?

Flexibility has always has been hard for me and I still have problems today. 


9. Have you expanded your knowledge outside of your style?

Certainly, getting pointers from people who practice a different style than you is always good to have. 


10. What kind of mental preparation do you do right before a show?

I review things I am about to perform and go through them in my mind. I also try to relax and not be overly nervous.


11. Anything else you would like to add or that you think people should know?

Train discipline, without it you won't be able to achieve anything.



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