Sebastian Castellanos is a Martial Arts Expert and

Teacher of Wushu / Kung Fu at K-STAR Training Academy


Sebastian was introduced to Martial Arts when he was twelve by his mother, but it wasn’t until the age of 14 that he realized what it meant to him. As time went on he become more and more absorbed in the philosophy and teachings behind the arts and began to share his love with others. Today he shares his passion through motivational speaking and live performances; his specialties include Hookswords, Scorpion and the rare two finger zen skill.


Personal Achievements


Spoken for events at Elementary, Junior High & High School level.

Taught workshops in: Ireland, Belgium, Holland Germany and Saudi Arabia.


2014 Trained traditional martial arts in China's Shaolin Temple Luohan Yuan

2014 Featured athlete in the "Hyper Kung Fu" DVD series: Staff & Southern Fist

2013 Kung Fu Magazine Tournament Traditional Kung Fu Grand Champion

2013 Performed at Bercy Stadium for the "Festival of Martial Arts" in Paris France

2011 Taught Martial Arts abroad in five different countries

2011 Performed Martial Arts in Saudi Arabia under invitation of King Abdulaziz

2011 Featured Athlete in the 2-part Instructional DVD Series: Wushu Jumps & Falls

2 -Time National Level Traditional Weapons Champion



K-Star Training Academy


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