Communities for Cause - Walking Tall Foundation

In 1993 the Sahagun family decided to open up a martial arts facility where children from families that couldn't afford for their child to do sports could have a place to go and learn for free. Over twenty years later South Coast Martial Arts and the Walking Tall Foundation are still in operation and still providing scholarships to youths that desire to learn martial arts. Maintaining a non-profit is a lot of work. So I implore each and every one of our family members, to sign up for Communities for Cause and link the Walking Tall Foundation so that a portion or your purchases go towards continuing the dreams of children who desire to pursue martial arts. Please share as much as possible! Thank you!

Communities for Cause - Walking Tall Foundation

Communities for Cause (CfC) empowers communities to give back through our innovative mobile advertising platform. CfC connects businesses with not-for-profit causes, and their network of supporters, to drive demand for their products/services and enhance customer loyalty through manageable give-back programs. In return, causes receive an effective cause-marketing platform by which to engage their supporters and ignite their fundraising efforts. This compelling partnership empowers community members to make giving back a fundamental part of their daily lives.

Learn more and sign up online!

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