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Martial Arts Legends

Address: 2990 Grace Lane. Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Tel: 714.545.5759

About the Camp

South Coast Martial Arts epic training camp asks practitioners from throughout the world to  pack their clothes and bring their sleeping bag for this intensive study of martial arts culture and development. The camp is designed to be a total immersion, live-in Martial Arts Program, featuring the “real deal in training." Classes will be held Six to Eight hours each day, featuring numerous guest coaches and speakers. From Traditional Shaolin to Modern Wushu, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu & Acrobatics you will be learning and absorbing information like never before.

Entry space is limited and all proceeds will be used to fund the Walking Tall Foundations youth martial arts program providing scholarships and opportunities for new martial artists to train and compete on International Levels.

About the Training Location

Serving our community since 1993, South Coast Martial Arts has, and continues to utilize all of our skills and talents to develop dynamic training programs for people of all ages. This year’s Camp is geared to help all practitioners of the Martial Arts develop themselves in a healthy and progressive manner under some of the most knowledgeable teachers. SCMA Premier Martial Arts School occupies half an acre of land, has over 15,000 square feet of training area and is fully equipped with showers and full amenities. During the camp food and lodging will be provided to all participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Training Schedule

Camp Pricing

Registration Form

Payment Form

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2010 - present

1. How do I register?

Part 1 - The Essay

Participants must submit a written essay of your choice. Topics include "What the Martial Arts Means to me", "Future of Martial Arts" "Or the Evolution of Martial Arts" any choice should detail your personal background, history, training experience & why you would want to enter the camp. E-mail or fax the entry to: or (714) 545-3437


Part 2 - The Paperwork

In order to complete the application process you must download and fill out the the Student Registration & Credit Card form and submit it by Fax or mail alongside your essay for approval.
Payment can also be made by check by mailing the school directly. Questions about this process should be handled by contacting the school. Also to be included is one photo especially of students who wish to be picked up from the airport. This is important for identification.

Part 3 - Approval

If you have been selected you will receive an e-mail from our school and we will see you in June!

2. I'm flying in, where do I go? How do I get picked up?

South Coast Martial Arts is conveniently located near LAX and John Wayne Airport and we will providing pick ups from these locations Wednesday August the 8th at 12:00 pm and 8:00 so plan accordingly. For return flights make plans for Wednesday the 15th in the evening. If you wish to extend your stay let us know and we will provide you with a list of hotel options.

3. What should I bring?

Sleeping Bag/ Pillow
Towel/ Soap/ Shampoo/ deodorant
Tooth Brush/ Paste
Exercise Clothes
Change of Clothes/ Sleeping clothes
Notebook/ Pencil
Food Bowl/ Utensils/Water bottle
Any specific medications with instructions
Any substitute foods, (No candies, sweets, etc)
Un-allowed material

Chewing gum/ Candies/ junk food in general
Offensive clothing/ Material

4. Is there anything else I should know?


Age ranges 14 and over

Participant should be of a healthy physical condition
Students under 18 cannot leave the campus without Staff
Classes will be held 6 to 8 hours a day beginning at 5:30 am.
Food and lodging is also provided  with the price
SCMA has Hosted this camp for this last 8 years
This is the fifth year open to the public

2010 - present

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