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Boxing Session

At K-STAR Training Academy, our approach to coaching martial arts is comprehensive, providing historical knowledge, and functional skills for modern day athletes. In our Combat Skills class, students are trained using authentic, time proven methods to develop real martial arts skills safely and effectively. Best of all, these classes are awesome for relieving stress, keeping your mind focused and your body fit. So whether you want to learn to defend yourself, spar, or simply get into shape, you can't miss out on what we have to offer.

What we teach...

Our curriculum draws from the arts of Western Boxing, Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing), and Kickboxing teaching the four pillars of classical Martial Arts including, kicking, striking, throwing, and locking.





5 - Class Pack

10 - Class Pack

This Class is included with our K-STAR Membership

In the Academy




Private Lessons

Not sure if you can make our class times? We offer private sessions in most the disciplines we teach at the Academy. So if you’re interested in scheduling a private, please write us at​ with what you are interested in learning, if you have a preferred instructor, and available dates.

Clothing Requirements

Clothing should be comfortable and appropriate to move in,  training shoes for indoor use are required inside the Academy and are available for purchasable on site. Long hair should be pulled back and jewelry should be removed before class.

Physical Requirements

Students must be free of injuries that would prevent safe enjoyment of the class. If you have special needs, please contact us and we can see how best we can accommodate you.

Class Schedule

Check out our Class Schedule

At K-STAR Training Academy our Combat Class is designed to build up a students skills in eight unique areas.  Stretching and flexibility exercises, conditioning, stance and footwork, striking techniques, leg techniques, throwing techniques, basic combinations and more…  Not to mention if you join one of our martial arts programs, you will also have access to other amazing classes in the Las Vegas / Henderson area.

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