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If you are a new student or visitor please contact us to set up a First Class or an evaluation for class placement. In addition, all students are expected to follow instructor’s directions and be polite and courteous to their fellow Students, Coaches and Staff at all times.


Parents are not allowed on the matted areas. Please no parent coaching, allow the instructor to keep the class moving. Your instructor will advise if a behavioral situation requires your attention during class time. 

*Contortion* New students may attend Level 1 Contortion Class if they can perform a standing back bend and have their splits. If they do not meet these requirements but still want to attend, please contact the school for placement.


*Electives* Students are able to enroll for electives (Weapons, Aerial Silks and Acrobatics) four times a year following recommendation from their coach. Please contact the school for availability. New applicants maybe placed on a waiting list.

All class times and content are subject to change.

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