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Joaquin Sahagun is an accomplished Martial Arts Master specializing in the arts of Western Boxing, Kickboxing and Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate.

Born the son of a professional boxer, Joaquin followed in his fathers footsteps, training both Karate and Western Boxing his teenage years. In 1972, he earned his Black Belt in Kenpo Karate under Senior Master Bob White and in 1976, Joaquin fought as a professional kick-boxer. During the 1980's,  Black Belt magazine ranked Joaquin Sahagun third in his weight class in the United States Open Karate circuit. Over the years, Joaquin Sahagun has brought home multiple sparring titles fighting at prestigious venues such as the Long Beach Arena and the LA Sports Arena.

In 1994, Mr. Sahagun and his wife Gina became full time coaches, opening their own Training Center, South Coast Martial Arts in Costa Mesa, California. For more than twenty years their Center served as a hub for martial artists attracting students from throughout Southern California and abroad. Even as a coach, Joaquin Sahagun always maintained a competitive spirit lacing up his gloves one more time in his 60's competing in the USA Boxing's Master's League. He won his match by TKO.

Master Sahagun brings over five decades of coaching experience to K-STAR Training Academy and is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with new generations.

Personal Martial Arts Achievements

Inducted to the Kenpo Hall of Fame 2021

6th Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo

Featured on the original Ed Parker Black Belt Tree

Student of Senior Master Bob White (Kenpo Karate) for over 20 years

Awarded for achievements in Martial Arts by the 31st Abbot of Shaolin Temple 

Began training in Boxing at the age of 11

Teaching Fighting Arts since 1980

Licensed as a Professional Kick-boxer in 1976

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