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Unlock the secrets of extreme flexibility with Contortion Classes in Las Vegas / Henderson at K-STAR Training Academy.

What we teach...

Discover the art of Mongolian Contortion, a highly respected cultural art form that explores the beauty of the human body. Contortion is a well known artistic discipline that emphasizes the practice of extreme flexibility and hand balancing. At K-STAR Training Academy, our classes focus on introducing each skill progressively, from hip opening, back opening, shoulder stretching, splits training, hand balancing and more.

Learn from...

Ulziibayar Chimed, a modern Master of Contortion and professional Contortionist for more than 25 years. Did I mention she is one of the most decorated artists in Cirque Du Soleil history? Yep... We are talking the real deal. Learn more about our instructor here.

You won’t believe the improvements you’ll gain from just a few short weeks of training with us. Watch yourself THRIVE in our Contortion classes now forming in Las Vegas and Henderson!

Class Requirements

Training (grip) socks are required for this class as well as as foam Yoga blocks, both are available for purchase at the Academy. Clothing should be comfortable and appropriate to move in. Long hair should be pulled back into a bun and jewelry should be removed before class. Bring water to stay hydrated.





Single Class

5 - Class Pack

10 - Class Pack




Private Training

We offer private sessions in most the disciplines we teach at the Academy. So if you’re interested in scheduling a private, please write us at​ with what you are interested in learning, if you have a preferred instructor, and available dates.

Physical Requirements

Students should be comfortable performing or practicing the splits before joining this class. Please note, that this is a hands on deep stretching class and that students must be free of injuries that would prevent safe enjoyment of the training. If you have special needs, please contact us and we can see how best we can accommodate you. Not sure if you are bendy enough? Start with our Flexibility class!

Class Schedule

Go to our class schedule for our Contortion Class.

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Doesn't it make sense to join a program that takes into account your personal well being? Start bending your limits today.

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