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(Classes for Kids & Adults)

Join A Program That Bends Your Limits!

Are you craving a motivating flexibility routine? Build total body mobility and increase your overall strength with our Contortion and Flexibility Program.


Learn from a Modern Master of Contortion. Our program is led by Ulziibayar Chimed, a Master of Contortion who is one of the most decorated artists in the history of Cirque Du Soleil. So whether you’re new to the flexibility game, or looking for a yoga alternative, you'll be guided by one of the world's best.

Our Contortion & Flexibility Program Includes Access to: 

Flexibility Class Need some flexibility improvement? Learn the foundations of proper stretching and how to build total body flexibility with entry level skills such as splits and bridges. 

Intro to Contortion Explore the foundations of Mongolian Contortion with this deep stretching class designed to improve flexibility effectively and safely.

Handstand Class Ever wonder what the world is like upside down? Find out in this one hour class designed to build up strength and improve your core stability on the road to handstand. Advanced students of this class will also be introduced to different conditioning methods and transitions to one arm. 

Contortion Mongolian Contortion, a highly respected cultural art form that explores the beauty of the human body. At K-STAR Training Academy, our classes emphasize the practice of extreme flexibility and hand balancing and takes the time to develop each skill progressively to our students. Students of this class must have Pre Approval.

Conditioning As students progress in their training, we offer weekly classes that focuses on improving the overall strength and mobility of our students. Best of all? The class is designed by an a Cirque Du Soleil coach to specifically increase your athletic performance. 

Join The Best Contortion & Flexibility Classes In the Las Vegas Nevada / Henderson Area

K-STAR Training Academy is dedicated to teaching Authentic Mongolian Contortion. You’ll leave our classes feeling strong, proud, and excited to reach your flexibility goals. We are passionate about what we teach and share important lessons centered around your success. You won’t believe the confidence and self-esteem you’ll gain from just a few short weeks of training. We are proud to offer Flexibility and Contortion Classes to everyone in Las Vegas and the surrounding, Henderson and Summerlin Area! Isn't it time you THRIVE? Let's get started today.


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