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Chronology of South Coast Martial Arts

Wushu Teacher Rick Jacobs and Philip Sahagun with MMA Legend Randy Couture.

South Coast Martial Arts Wushu Team performs during the feature length show, "L'ou Fatu"

Benny "the Jet" Urquidez at SCMA

The Kung Fu Heroes appear on NBC's America's Got Talent and are hailed as "The best Martial Arts act they have ever had" on the show

Shaolin Temple Warrior Shi Yan Xu leads class during the first ever Martial Arts Legends Camp

The Queen of Rock & Roll Tina Turner watching Philip Sahagun of SCMA perform

Yan Wei from the Shaolin Martial Arts Majoring Institute of China performing at SCMA

Announcers and Judges Look on during a night of South Coast Martial Arts, "Old Dog Boxing"

SCMA hosts a seminar with Master Wu Bin. Famed Wushu coach and Instructor of Martial Arts Icon Jet Li

A delegation from SCMA visiting China's famed Shaolin Temple during the World Wushu Festival

MMA Star Kimo Leopoldo weighs in for a fight after training at SCMA with Coach Joe Moreira

Shaolin Grand Master Zhu Tian Xi and his delegation arrive at South Coast Martial Arts

MMA Fighter Quinton "Rampage" Jackson with some of the coaches of South Coast Martial Arts

SCMA Founder Joaquin Sahagun alligns the punch of his daughter Nicole at their original scool.

2016 South Coast Martial Arts Orange County branch closes it's doors, programs begin in

          Hawthorne and Irvine.


2015 The fifth annual Walking Tall Tournament is held at SCMA featuring a Catch Wrestling

          Competition with special guest MMA Legend Randy Couture in attendance.


2015 SCMA hosts the Hyper Fight Club and Bully Defense Certification, the event brought

          over 75 martial arts proffesionals together to help bring an end to bullying.


2014 SCMA donates training gear to Agape International Missions "Lord's Gym" supporting

          martial arts training in Cambodia.


2014 SCMA Wushu teacher Philip Sahagun leads a training seclusion with his senior students  

          to China's historic Shaolin Monastary.


2014 SCMA and Team Tupua premier their new feature length show, L'ou Fatu at the Robert B

           Moore Theater, combining Martial Arts and Polynesian Dance.


2014 American Martial Arts Legend Benny "The Jet" Urquidez hosts a seminar on "American

          Freestyle Fighting" at SCMA to benefit the Frank Trejo Medical fund.


2013 SCMA Boxer Daniel Kim turns pro under the tutleage of Alan Kemp.


2013 Liu He Master Henny Eleanora of Holland visits SCMA for a week to share his

           knowledge of Liu He Quan (Six Harmonies Kung Fu) and Qigong.


2013 SCMA Founder Joaquin Sahagun recieves an award from the 33rd Abbot of

          Shaolin Temple Shi Yong Xin. 


2013 South Coast Martial Arts helped facilitate the First North American Shaolin Temple

          Cultural Festival which was attended by Abbot Shi Yong Xin.


2013 The first ever Fit Festival was held at South Coast Martial Arts to promote

         Health and Wellness in Orange County.


2013 The Walking Tall Foundation raised $3,000 to send 3 students of SCMA to Paris France to

          perform as headliners at the Festival of Martial Arts in Bercy Stadium. 


2013 South Coast Martial Arts holds their first "Student Proficiency Exam" to monitor the

          mental and physical progress of Wushu & Kung Fu students.


2013 South Coast Martial Arts celebrated its 20 Year Anniversary.


2013 Kenpo Master Edward Downey of Ireland visits SCMA and gives a workshop.


2011 South Coast Martial Arts sent a delegation to perform in Saudi Arabia under invitation

          from King Abdulaziz and Saudi ARAMCO.


2011 Joaquin and Gina Sahagun recieve the prestigous, "Friends of Dorothy Guild of

         ASF Honors" Award for their fundraising efforts in AIDS research.


2011 The USA Boxing Federation hosts a training clinic for Coaches and Officials at South

          Coast Martial Arts.


2011 A delegation from South Coast Martial Arts elite team, "Kung Fu Heroes" teaches

         Martial Arts abroad in Ireland, Belgium, Germany and Holland.


2011 SCMA Hosts students from Germany, New York, Texas and Utah.


2010 The First Walking Tall Tournament is held featuring competition in Kenpo

          Karate, Wushu, Kung Fu and Wrestling.


2010 SCMA held a 3-day Summer Camp for Master Boxers (age 35 +).


2010 Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Silvia trains with his camp at SCMA

          as a headliner of the MMA fight, "War on the Mainland."


2010 The Kung Fu Heroes perform on NBC's hit show "America's Got Talent" and were

           hailed by Sharon Osbourne as "The best martial arts group" they have ever had.


2010 SCMA co-founder Gina Sahagun founded the "Old Dog Boxing" an amatuer boxing

          league to promote fighters age 35 and up.


2010 SCMA Philip Sahagun founds the "Kung Fu Heroes," an elite performance team to

           promote martial arts culture throughout the world.


2009 South Coast Martial Arts hosts 3 Pankration and 6 Kickboxing Competitions.


2009 The second Martial Arts Legends Camp attracts students from throughout the U.S.

           including California, Pensylvania, New Jersey, New Mexico and Texas.


2008 A delegation from SCMA joins Tina Turner on her 50th Anniversary Tour perfoming

          martial arts for the legendary singer throughout North America and Europe.


2008 SCMA hosted "Ninja Challenge" & "Fitness Testing" one of the first Parkour

          style obstacle courses on the West Coast.


2008 The first ever Martial Arts Legends Camp was created, a total immersion          

          program for students to study martial arts philosophy and culture.


2008 Team Tupua Joins South Coast Martial Arts and begins teaching classes.


2008 The Walking Tall Foundation raised $4,000 to send 4 students to compete in

           the World Traditional Wushu Festival in China.


2008 Five members of South Coast Martial Arts Wushu Program make the

          United States Traditional Wushu Team.


2008 South Coast Martial Arts joins the United States Wushu Federation.


2007 South Coast Martial Arts helps to establish the Shaolin Temple Cultural Center

          in Rosemead headed by Master Shi Yan Xu.


2007 SCMA Wushu coach Philip Sahagun is invited to compete in one of China's Top rated

           reality shows, Jackie Chan's, Descendents of the Dragon.


2007 The Walking Tall Foundation raised $5,000 to develop an Acrobatic Program for

           students in Orange County.


2007 SCMA hosts a seminar with Master Wu Bin a world-renowned coach who has

          produced more champions than any other teacher in China including martial arts

          superstar Jet Li.


2006 Philip Sahagun earns second place in the Global Televised Competition, "Kung

          Fu Star" with over 100,000 contests and 300 million viewers in Shenzhen China.


2006 SCMA performance team create's "Legend of the Seven Elements" a feature

         length show with martial arts and acting.


2006 SCMA became one of the first Sanctioned sites for Amatuer Kickboxing        

          Competition on the West Coast and held five tournaments.


2005 Joaquin Sahagun teaches a special self-defense and conditioning class for

          students of Edison High School for a full quarter.


2005 SCMA hosts Master Zhu Tian Xi and his delegation of Shaolin Disciples from China for

          one week, touring them to Disneyland and other Southern California sites, the team

          also performed during the SCMA Invitational Tournament.


2005 SCMA's opens it's new location in a 15,000 sq ft building in Costa Mesa and expands its

          teaching staff, making it the largest and most diverse school in Southern California.


2004 UFC Veteran Kimo Leopoldo Trains at SCMA under Joe Moreira for his UFC Fight

          against Ken Shamrock.


2004 Philip Sahagun hosts a Martial Arts Tournament at Calvary Chapel in Santa Ana

          at the age of 17.


2003 South Coast Martial Arts celebrates its 10 year Anniversary.


2002 David Bergland achieves the rank of Second Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate.


2000 Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Pioneer Joe Moreira begins teaching at SCMA.


1999 The Walking Tall Foundation hosted the, "Run for the Future", the first ever 5k

         and 10k run held in Costa Mesa's Fairview Park. 


1999 Three SCMA Boxers win the Golden Gloves Competition under the Tutelage of

         Henry Vargas.


1999 Joaquin Sahagun teaches an after-school Karate Program at Pomona

         Elementary School.


1999 SCMA Awards its First Black Belt in Kenpo Karate to David Bergland.


1997 Walking Tall Foundation hosts its first ever Kick-A-Thon to raise money for

         martial arts scholarships.


1997 SCMA donated certificates to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.


1997 Joaquin Sahagun gives a self-defense seminar for the Woman of Power

         Community Church.


1996 Future MMA Star Rampage Jackson studies Kickboxing at SCMA.


1996 Future UFC World Champion Tito Ortiz enters SCMA's Ground Fighting

         Competition in the Beginners Division.


1996 South Coast Martial Arts held their first Ground Fighting Tournament

         attracting practitioners from throughout Orange County.


1995 Joaquin Sahagun hosts the Karate Challenge Charity Benefit at Orange Coast

         College in Costa Mesa.


1995 South Coast Martial Arts sent a delegation to participate in the first ever

         sanctioned woman's Boxing Competition.


1995 The Walking Tall Foundation begins "Zero Waste Recycling" a paper recycling

         program to subsidize tuition and processed over 14 tons per month.


1995 Kickboxing World Champion Kathy Long trains at South Coast Martial Arts.


1994 South Coast Martial Arts hosts 4 Boxing and Kickboxing Amatuer Tournaments.


1994 SCMA hosted the Halloween Pumpkin Smash to Knockout Drugs and food drive

          to feed the Homeless Drive.


1993 South Coast Martial Arts opens its doors on Harbor Blvd. in Costa Mesa.



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